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Scarring and How to Improve It.



“I had an injury from a motorcycle saddle,( 1 year ago) and was initially diagnosed with high flow priapism. some pain, nothing terrible. I was recommended a shunt, but declined that. Over time the pain grew worse. and after a few months subsided. Erections are not very usuable, and I have some hard lumps are close to the head of my penis, scarring I would assume. My Urologist recommended me using a pump to prevent further scarring. Another Urologist informed me that scarring could make a prosthesis difficult, if not impossible. Is this something that can be diagnosed before  an operation to receive a prosthesis ? Is it possible to reduce scarring?”


The best cure for scarring is time. The longer you wait the better you will be.  The vacum is a good idea.  If you can afford it combining it with daily Cialis 2.5 or 5 mg might be even better. Daily vitamin E is great too.

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The Urology Specialists

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